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warm up

  • What is the warmup routine?

    Before each pace run, we will assign you warm up routine. This consists of an easy jog, some light stretching...

  • Toe Walking

    Distance runners need strong calves and feet in order to reach the finish line of a marathon or half marathon....

  • Heel Walking

    Like the previous drill, heel walking targets the muscles of the lower leg, ankle, and foot. More of the emph...

  • Rhythm Skip

    You might think that marathoners don't need high knee lift, but they do! This drill will help strengthen your...

  • Bounds

    With every step you take on a run, you want your foot to strike off the ground with as much power as possible....

  • High-Knees

    As high as you can get, as quick as you can get, as high as you can get, as quick as you can get....keep repea...

  • Butt-Kick

    Butt kicks are a great way to stretch the quadriceps (the muscle in the front of the thigh). The quads are im...

  • Quick-Skip

    For Quick Skips, don't worry about the distance that you cover. This drill is all about maximizing turnover a...

  • Strides

    You might think that running 100 meter strides won't prepare you for running a 5k, 10k, half marathon, or mara...

  • Leg Swings

    This can be fun exercise, but don't just swing your leg with abandon. Make each swing a deliberate motion and...
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