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warm up

  • Cobra

    Don't neglect the stretching part of the routine! You're going to be working your abs in later exercises. It...

  • Glute Stretch

    We rely on on our glutes constantly throughout the running motion! Treat them right and give them a good stre...

  • Quad Stretch

    You might notice that the front of your thigh gets sore after a hilly run or after a week of increased mileage...

  • Hamstring Stretch

    Runners often complain of hamstring tightness. Avoid this problem at all costs! No muscles group is an islan...

  • Calf Stretch

    Runners need loose calves! A tight calf will cause the hamstring to tigheten...and a tight hamstring will cau...

  • Pretzel Stretch

    When you do any exercise routine, it can be tempting to start compensating with your back. Avoid this at all ...

  • Left and Right Side Planks

    Many of you probably worry about having "love handles." This exercise works your lateral ab muscles (which in...

  • Hamstring Bridge

    Your hamstrings and glute muscles are two of the most important muscles used in distance running. Hamstring b...

  • Close Hand Push Ups

    Regular push ups target your chest and shoulder muscles. This version targets those muscles too, but also wor...

  • Single Leg Squat

    We cannot overemphasize the importance of this exercise. It strengthens the hamstrings, glutes, and quadricep...
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