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  • What do I do with my arms?

    Anyone who has strained for that extra second or two over the final stretch of a race knows how important your...

  • Breathing on the Run

    We know breathing is important because we feel awful when it is ragged and shallow and we feel better when we ...

  • Running in the Dark

    Whether you rise early to beat the rush before the workday begins and the kids wake up, or fit in a run at the...

  • Training in the Heat

    Runners often love to keep a routine. In fact, many of us are downright stubborn. Most of the time, like the...

  • Running Form on Hills

    While not everyone can be the running equivalent of Tour de France champion Alberto Contador, dancing on his p...

  • Heart Rate

    Heart rate monitors can be a great tool. For example, we get many emails from our athletes when the weather i...

  • How do I incorporate hills into my training?

    We strongly encourage you to incorporate hills into your long runs, maintenance runs, tempos, etc. Try to add...

  • Can I change my schedule preferences each week?

    We encourage you to follow the schedule as closely as possible, but we realize that work and family commitment...

  • Tips for the Treadmill

    A treadmill ‘pulls’ the ground underneath your feet, and there isn't any wind resistance. Both of these facto...

  • Weight lifting

    We recommend incorporating our Whole Body Workout Routine into your weekly schedule. It's a mixture of streng...
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