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  • Properly maintaining the assigned pace/minute per mile

    My long runs (and some of the speed work) states that I should run 4-5 miles at 10:58 or .25 mile at 9:08 pace...

  • lower mileage?

    I am finding it difficult to run all of the assigned miles in a given week. This is because I have limited tim...

  • Integration with Calendars and todo lists

    Can run coach integrated with any of the calendar or todo apps out there, I use any,do and Cal to organize my ...

  • Entering Race Result Without Affecting Schedule

    I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to run a 2M time trial monthly, and there's a 5K race availabl...

  • Race strategy

    The 10k goal race, which I have trained for some time, is about here, and I am wondering how to run this. Sho...

  • Change start of week to Monday

    Is there any way to change the weeks to be Monday to Sunday? I've always tracked my training schedule tha...

  • sets on speed runs

    I think I've been doing my speed workouts wrong and I want to confirm a few things. If it says run 6 s...

  • Messed up schedule

    The other day, I was changing the days that I run from Tues-Thursday-Sat to Mon-Wed-Fri due to my new schedule...

  • corrupted

    My uploads from syncing with runkeeper has corrupted my training plan. It shows triple the # of miles I ran, a...

  • Exporting a run file

    I'm in my 15-day trial period, trying to see how runcoach might take my running to the next level. I'...
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